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Chapter 2 part 5

When Mya and I walked in the house we saw about ten guys in the living room and seven girls. In the house we heard a big noise from the basement so we knew the party led down stairs. Crystal jumped and ran down stairs to see what was broken. The way she ran I was sure that she was going to fall.

“This is what I’m talkin’ about, i’mma work up a big sweat girl. “Mya could barely finish her sentence as she ran up to the dancing section of the room and started rocking from side to side. I danced my way right to the couch on the other side of the room Continue reading

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Chapter 2 part 4

( Note this post has several pages..) It was Kendel. “Yes “I answered the phone within the first ring “No” he answered. “Don’t play boy what do you want?” I laughed “What are you doing?” “Breathing air, how about you?” … Continue reading

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