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Bad Decisions That Take You For a Ride

I remember in the fifth grade my teacher stood at the front of the class and spoke to us about life. She calmly ended her lecture saying “Life is pretty simple. It’s all about decisions, make good ones”.  Every now … Continue reading

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Kiss Your Insecurities Good-Bye

Beauty is derived from our own perception. Society has skewed our interpretation of beauty to the point that many don’t see it in themselves. Some people look for beauty in all the wrong places. Beauty is much like the sun. You … Continue reading

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Bad connection?

Words are powerful. One impacting word is “Hello”. The word acknowledges a person’s presence. “Hello” connects people, sometimes for a quick moment; sometimes it connects people for a lifetime. Creating a connection with someone can be as simple as picking … Continue reading

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Eating with Friends

Last night my friends and I went out to eat. We were all stuffing our faces when one of my friends went to the counter to pick up her second order, she saw the menu and yelled back to our table,  … Continue reading

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It all adds up

So I’ve been saving up change for about a year, I was hoping to fill the whole container with coins by Christmas. Sadly I only filled half of the jar. To my surprise when I went to the bank I had … Continue reading

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The Battlefield

 In relationships we all know that there will be highs and lows, the good times and the bad times. Its a known fact that there will be an arguement here or there, but what if there’s an argument here,there and … Continue reading

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