Christmas is a time for reflecting on Christ and the light he brought to the world when he was born. Thank God for the gifts he has given us.  Peace, Love , and Joy won’t be found under your tree, you’ll find them when surrounded by family, recalling precious memories, or thinking about all the blessings he’s has given you. These gifts will brighten our Christmas day. Now is the time to thank Him for all the light he gives us which helps us to continue in the right direction throughout our journey on earth.  Merry Christmas, may his light continue to shine in your lives!christmas

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The Science Behind the Music

Watch the interview  of me and Lynd-oh below.

Lynd-oh studies physics and chemistry at UW Milwaukee College, works Imageat an insurance agency, and works as a wrestling coach all while managing to jumpstart a career as a music producer. He studies the chemical reaction of elements and has taken that same spirit when experimenting with music. His music is a blend of hip hop, funk, and indie. When asked what inspires him to create music with such distinctive sounds he said that it was all a matter of inborn passion. Lynd-oh lives by a philosophy that everyone should follow their passion, in his words “we have an inborn purpose to live out a masterpiece.” His definition of a masterpiece is what occurs when someone gives their all in whatever their doing. Lynd-oh believes when someone follows their passion they lend themselves to create their masterpiece. His fervor for music is one of the main reasons that his music stands out from the others. Lynd-oh describes some of the main stream music out today as mass produced, stating that it’s just made to make money. He compares mainstream music to McDonalds and his music to home cooked meals. Lynd-oh explains that his music is special and unique while the mainstream music is made for a profit.

It is important for all of us to do what we are most passionate about. It may be more difficult for some than others to find their passion and purpose in life, but once it’s found it is worth pursuing. Lynd-oh continuesImage to study chemistry and physics at UW Milwaukee, and it’s safe to say when it comes to music, he has it down to a science.

Lyndo-oh will be competing in the 2013 Istandard beat showcase in New York ! Show him your support and visit his soundcloud .

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Watch the interview I had with him below.

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A High Note – Gary Foote

We all have dreams we strive for. Motivation is key to staying on the right track.  Music serves as inspiration to us all.  Life corresponds with music in many ways. On the journey to reaching our dreams the road can be as edgy as modern day Rap and Hip-Hop or sometimes it can be as smooth as modern day Jazz. Whatever genre our lives may relate to  we can be sure that the music will keep us moving. I recently connected with artist and producer Gary Foote who continues to follow his dreams in the music industry. Gary’s journey with music started when he was in the fourth grade, and he made it his vocation.  He continues to expand the horizon of music through his artistry. He currently works with Smokey Robinson and Blood Sweat and Tears, artist that are known for their rock, blues, pop, and jazz arrangements. When asked which artist are  playing in his ipod, he named Herbie Hancock, Mary j Blige, P funk, along with the Ohio Players.  These artist seem to have an influence on his music. While Mr. Foote works on his own music, he also has a love for producing artist. The message behind his music is to follow your dreams. He explained that the most difficult part about being an artist is maintaining health and spiritual disciplines. Mr.Foote has managed to share his talents by following his dreams and doing what he loves. After listening to his latest album, it’s easy to conclude that Gary is gifted.   It is inspiring to meet people like Gary Foote as they are reminders of the importance of following your dreams and living for what you love.  I have posted links below to preview/buy his latest album Harlem Works which features combinations of Jazz Funk and Hip-Hop. Gary hopes to perform in Wisconsin soon.

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Thin ice.

Last week a friend of mines shared her ice skating experience. She was relatively new to skating and found herself constantly off-balance and skating out of control. This was not  the best situation for her controlling personality. She was accompanied by a guy and clung to him for balance. She explained to me that whenever she tried to skate alone she immediately fell on the slick ice. I couldn’t help but relate her experience to the relationship that  she has with this guy.  When they are together they both reside in the “just friends” category,  but when apart ( they live in different cities) they begin to wonder why they never took their relationship to the next level. Their temporary disconnect causes them to fall for one another. This unthawed the question, does absence make the heart grow founder? Distance seems to throw people off when it comes to relationships. Those who engage in this kind of relationship tread on thin ice. Going into a long distance relationship is sometimes equivalent to going in the danger zone. This is because the dependency the two have on one another when they are together is commonly a result of the uncertainty and ambiguity that occurs when they’re apart. When people are separated by distance they miss one another, and thoughts regarding the status of the relationship, the whereabouts of the person, and anticipation of the person returning may begin to consume their mind. This sort of mentality causes the person to become more dependent on the other for security when they return after being separated. When distance affects a relationship it sometimes can cause an unhealthy reliance on the other person. In the case of my friend, it may be better if she learns how to skate on her own. Finding a healthy balance between your social,professional, and personal life can be the key to having a stable relationship.


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Making Room

There comes a point in every one’s life when they have something of value that they can’t let go. The challenge to relinquish something can test the strength and will power of a person. This sort of struggle frequently presents itself, for example, people may hold on to possessions such as , a significant other, jobs, and sometimes material things. Earlier in the month I was redecorating my room and found several things that triggered the question, “Why do I still have this?”. It was obvious that at one point in my life these things meant a lot to me and even though my life has moved on  I still had problems with the idea of throwing them away. These sentimental trinkets still managed to bring forth emotions, but is that reason enough to continue to hold on to them? I wondered if I had  continued to hold on to these things for the sake of fond memories or because of my inability to let go? When people hold on to their possessions it can be for purposes of gratification. Those who hold on to things such as failing relationships or conflicting jobs may do so for the sake of the title or the fear of change. Although this is a matter that is kept under wraps in society, we often see this sort of  issue take place in the public eye.  The sports industry is a prime example of the prevelance of this issue,many pro atheletes in sports find it difficult to retire and let go of their position because of their love for the sport and perhaps the position in the spotlight. Some may say that as long as its making that person happy one should hold on as long as possible. This may be a good theory but what if this happiness is tainted with denial. My mother once told me that everything has a season and just as the seasons move along, so should I.  Pride and fear of change can cause us to hold on to things that aren’t worthwhile. One thing that I have learned is if you continue to hold on to the past you’ll never have room for  what the present has to offer. The day I reorganized my bedroom and tossed out what no longer had a place in my life, I found enough room  for whatever the New Year has to bring.

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Orange you happy its fall?

The fashion set below is inspired by the season. I’ve really been into the color orange lately. It’s a very bold and fiery color, yet warm and soothing. Orange looks great on any skin complexion. Embrace the season with some of the fashion forward looks below.

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Fall into fashion


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The Green Bay Packers Score! – Go @packers !

Recently the Green Bay Packers made a huge power move by placing Valerie Daniels-Carter on their board of directors. With her astute business skills and dynamic personality it is not surprising that Daniels-Carter was elected to this position. Valerie is known for her franchise V&J holding companies. She kicked off her business starting with one Burger King and eventually opened more than 140  franchise restaurants across several states. Valerie comes off as a team player giving God and her family credit for her success in her latest book Your Business is His Business: It’s Where Favor Takes You, also by funding numerous charities and giving back to the community.  Her success story reminds us that it takes a vision and commitment to get into the end zone. Valerie’s new position makes her the first African-American woman to serve on an NFL board of directors. She has broken new ground for African-American women and she also is expanding the playing field for women in general.  Valerie Daniels–Carter has made a touchdown for women everywhere.

She is featured in the latest issue of Jet Magazine.

To stay Business savvy purchase Valerie Daniels Carter book Your Business is His Business: It’s Where Favor Takes You

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Something Quaint – Inslee By Design

Recently I stumbled upon a charming business called Inslee By Design. This business offers a quaint way to express oneself through notes, invitations, and stationery, all of which are graced with gorgeous illustrations by the artist Inslee Haynes. Today it is common to communicate via email, texting and instant messaging. Inslee By Design gives us the refreshing option to add a personal touch to messages for any occasion. You are even offered the option of adding your name on the cards as well. I reached out to the artist Inslee, to receive some insight into her artwork. When asked what inspires her art work she expressed that fashion was at the top of the list , she commented “Well, this might seem obvious, but fashion! I love seeing new collections each season and of course I also pull a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion and classic imagery. Occasionally I’ll see someone just walking down the street looking fabulous and that too can be a great source of inspiration.” All of Inslee’s work are hand painted and drawn, she loves to work on paper. She stated, “My motivation is knowing that every day I get to do what I love – create. And the wonderful support and feedback I get from my clients makes my job so much fun to do”. Her advice to aspiring artist is to take advantage of the social networks and to never work for free. Inslee Haynes hopes to work for more commercial clients in the near future. Inslee By Design does not only offer a chic way to communicate with others, but it is also a reminder of what it means to follow your passion.

Contact Inslee:

Inslee By Design

Inslee’s Blog

Inslee’s Twitter

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Love – A Lovely Work of Art.

Love is a canvas that captures the emotions of our hearts. While some Love is abstract and hard to define, other forms of Love can be clear and easy to interpret. People rarely take the time to examine the essence of Love. I recently found myself wanting to take a harder look at Love and all of its dimensions. In this day and age people have a hard time finding Love, committing to Love, and some even have a hard time admitting that they Love. I was having a conversation with my friend when the topic of Love came up. She shared a conversation she had with her boyfriend. Apparently she said something clever and her boyfriend laughed and said “this is why I Love you” referring to her witty remark. Before she had the chance to process the words he casually retracted the statement and stated “I have Love for you”. This left her with a puzzled face and hesitant to respond. Is having Love for someone different from someone simply loving you? For example, I have Love for the game of basketball and Jazz, but I Love my family. My friend and I pondered this topic for a while. Later that day I revisited the exhibit Love, I couldn’t help but wonder if the phrase “I have Love for you” is another way for people to stray from the commitment, and binding emotions of solid Love. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t give her boyfriend such a hard time. It’s possible his nerves wouldn’t allow him to leave himself in that vulnerable position. Love has the power to change our entire perspective on life. Perhaps examining something too closely can prevent us from seeing the big picture.
“Are you warm, are you real, or just a cold and lonely Lovely work of art?”-(Mona Lisa)

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Give yourself a manicure

Giving yourself a manicure is a sure way to guarantee relaxation  and to refine your look at the same time. In the video I used Sally Hasen complete salon manicure, Sally Hasen Salon Effects, this can be used to spice up an ordinary manicure.To achieve your ideal manicure you will need

  • a bowl
  • warm water
  • cuticle nipper/pusher
  • a nail file
  • nail brush
  • finger nail polish remover
  • a nail buffer
  • your favorite nail polish
  • Sally Hasen strips (salon effects)

The first step is to soak your nails in warm soapy water and remove any dirt that may be in your nails. The warm water will help to soften your cuticles which will help prepare you to cut excess cuticle off. Next decide what type of shape you would like your nails to be and shape your nails accordingly.To prevent brittle and weak nails file in one direction. Buff your nails until you get the shine that you want. Lastly apply your favorite nail color and designs  and cover it with a clear top coat to create a lovely long-lasting finish.

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