HIRelaxRelax. So often we find ourselves constantly working to complete our to-do list while the list is constantly growing. When do we ever find time for ourselves? Some of the best advice that I have received was to take a step away from it all and relax. It is a fact that your nervous system needs to be balanced. Our nervous system can be thrown off balance when we subject ourselves to an excessive amount of stress. Relaxation is the cure; it affects how we function throughout our day yet we frequently deny ourselves of it.

There are several techniques that can be incorporated into our lives to help us relax. These techniques include deep breathing, positive thinking, visualization meditation, and muscle relaxation. Deep breathing is one of my favorite techniques to practice because it can be done anywhere and I immediately feel relaxed after doing it.  There are all sorts of ways to tackle these techniques without going completely out of your way to accomplish them.

  • I often practice deep breathing by blowing bubbles. This is a fun and relaxing activity.
  • Positive thinking is key to preventing anxiety. I try to stay as optimistic as possible. I have no time for negative energy. Negative thoughts breed negative outcomes.
  • Visualization meditation takes practice. I typically close my eyes and think of a peaceful place or a happy memory. This sort of practice relieves anxiety and tension.
  • Taking a bath can be a great way to relax muscles and it also grants the opportunity to practice the other relaxation techniques.

Life can sometimes be stressful. It’s good to have healthy ways to deal with stress. The techniques I’ve listed are among many others that can usher you into a more relaxed state of being. Do yourself a favor and place “relax” on your to-do list. Grab a bottle of bubbles and blow your stress away.

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