There is always a spark before the flame. It only takes one voice to speak the truth and still it’s rarely heard. There are so many problems in the world because of the unwillingness of people to make a change.  Recently I’ve had the pleasure of listening to an album that was refreshingly brave. The title of this album is Dreaducated by the artist Jersey Demic. The concept of Dreaducated revolves around the delicate elaboration of truths; truths that are usually ignored and contrary to history books and the media. This album exposes the problems of, not just the urban community, but also the world in general. Dreaducated takes the listener on a journey; He mentions Egypt, parts of America’s history and issues that currently plague modern day urban neighborhoods. Dreaducated is an album of many textures; Truth and freedom emerge as reoccurring themes. Religion is another motif in this album.  The artist expresses his views on Religion in the tracks Marching to Giza, Trap, and Why Not. In the beginning of the album he refers to God stating: “the way I see it, it’s him against the human race”. Later on in the album you’ll hear a phrase “Don’t ever, ever feel like you’re too old to pray”. Listening to his perspective on this topic is interesting… however it’s obvious that he struggles with religion to some extent.

Overall the album is inspiring, educational and entertaining. While I don’t agree with everything that is preached in the album I’m glad I listened to it. It’s important in any situation to listen to people regardless of whether their beliefs align perfectly with yours. The human race can peacefully coexist if we take the time out to understand one another. Demic makes it easy for the listener to understand the message he’s delivering through his music. He touches on esoteric ideas and connects them to relatable concepts. There are definitely topics in this album that you’ll find relevant to your life. Problems aren’t easily solved when there is a lack of communication; Dreaducated is the perfect album to spark a conversation that has potential to change the world.

My Favorite tracks:Dreaducated-Back

  • Why Not
  • Enjoy the Show
  • Nice to Meet You
  • Do Something

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