Bad Decisions That Take You For a Ride

RollercoasterI remember in the fifth grade my teacher stood at the front of the class and spoke to us about life. She calmly ended her lecture saying “Life is pretty simple. It’s all about decisions, make good ones”.  Every now and then this vivid memory runs across my mind. This morning I couldn’t help but to acknowledge the magnitude of her discourse. I begin to wonder why we make poor decisions.

Obviously there are some decisions that appear to be the right option and later on, in a different light, they show themselves to be the exact opposite. One sure way to make a poor decision is to practice deceit. What I have learned about lies is that, people focus on what can be gained from the decision to lie and not the negative consequences. When someone is in the abyss of their dishonest decisions their experience is often thought of as an emotional roller-coaster. Roller coasters are known for the thrill they offer. This thrill comes from the slow rise to the top and the swift fall to the bottom. People who engage in dishonest acts greatly anticipate the rise to the top but they aren’t aware of the steep drop until their lives are falling apart right in front of them. The goal of a lie can make us lose sight of the undesirable consequences.  It is my advice to always choose the honest decision because no matter how high a lie may lift you in life, remember that there will always be a giant drop.


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