Kiss Your Insecurities Good-Bye

hiBeauty is derived from our own perception. Society has skewed our interpretation of beauty to the point that many don’t see it in themselves. Some people look for beauty in all the wrong places. Beauty is much like the sun. You can see how the Sun lights the earth yet the source of the radiance is far away. Beauty can be seen on the surface but it emerges from the inside. Some people struggle with discovering their own beauty. The directions to uncover your beauty are easy to follow. Start by accepting who you are. All of your distinctive features make you unique.  Appreciate what God has given you and understand that these gifts are priceless. Once you come to understand the value of being one of a kind, you will stumble upon your self-worth. Realizing your worth leads to self-respect. When you accept, value, and respect yourself you will have arrived at the conclusion that you are truly beautiful. Your beauty will radiate from the inside out.

To find the source of your beauty, kiss your insecurities good-bye and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

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3 Responses to Kiss Your Insecurities Good-Bye

  1. poetlou says:

    beauty starts with you and ends with you.
    you are unique in so many different ways, because GOD made you that way.

  2. moesheppard says:

    I’m still doing some soul searching myself. Don’t get me wrong now. I respect myself and love every feature that God has given me, but I still find myself trying to impress other people. I have spent $500 on a pair of shoes just to say that I own them. The same shoes that our young brothers and sisters are getting murdered for. Why the freak am I buying these shoes? Just to say I own them?

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