The Lion in Your Life

HILionBlogThe Lion and the Mouse is an old African fable. Several variations of the story exist. My favorite version of the fable involves a thorn in a lion’s paw. This version centers on a brave act. The fierce lion had a thorn in his paw and the only animal in the jungle brave enough to help him was a mouse. We are often faced with decisions that can open new doors and pave new paths. The difference between those that face their fears and those that don’t, is having faith in one’s self. This is called bravery. There may be people who try to talk you out of facing your lion, only because they are too afraid to make the move themselves.  Decisions like starting up your own business, going back to school, or even standing up for your beliefs can require great bravery.  Don’t focus on the whispers of failure, but be encouraged by the possibilities of success.


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2 Responses to The Lion in Your Life

  1. Mickey says:

    The illustration is beautiful !!!!

  2. Maurice Sheppard says:

    This lion actually reminds me of Lebron James. It’s probably because he also illustrates a lion in his clothes, and also is the self-proclaimed king. Any ways, when the Miami Heat won their second championship, and even the first, Lebron was interviewed and mention both times that he didn’t watch any sports, turned off the radio, stayed off twitter, and just focused on his goal. Lebron, “I can’t listen to them. I’m Lebron James from Akron, Ohio. I’m not even supposed to be here. I ain’t got No Worries!” Now like him or not, he’s a 2 time NBA Champion, and 2 time Finals MVP. All because he stopped listening to whispers saying couldn’t do it!

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