Bad connection?

HIbeygoodblogWords are powerful. One impacting word is “Hello”. The word acknowledges a person’s presence. “Hello” connects people, sometimes for a quick moment; sometimes it connects people for a lifetime. Creating a connection with someone can be as simple as picking up the phone, but breaking a bond that you have with someone can be difficult. In life we make strong connections with people,  there are some relationships that should last forever and should be nurtured with that expectation. Over time it is possible for a strong connection to weaken causing a relationship to only last for a period of time. Relationships are a lot like phone calls, they are sometimes faced with bad connections. This happens when people fail to listen to the other person or communicate effectively. I believe that relationships are only as good as the joy one can attain from it and the struggles it can survive. In a relationship, In order to keep a consistent and viable connection, there has to be consistent effort from everyone. If you ever find you’re the only one communicating in a relationship, it may be time to say good-bye and hang up the phone.

(p.s hope you guys like the illustration created by yours truly)

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2 Responses to Bad connection?

  1. love the phone analogy… it’s a good way to put communication into perspective

  2. Maurice Sheppard says:

    I think people are forgetting how to communicate with each other because of our phones and computers. I often find out that “loudest” people on social media sites don’t know how to communicate in person. They speak so much with a closed mouth while texting or typing that opening their mouth has become foreign!

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