All Aboard?!

HItimeforblogTime waits for no one. It is important to make the most of every moment. So many people take time for granted. I like to believe that we all have the potential to be great. Phrases like “ I’ll start tomorrow…maybe next week….next year “ can stifle a person’s life. People use those phrases due to a  lack of motivation, inspiration, or sometimes because they are burdened by the presence of their own fear. Often this fear causes people to miss their train en route to success. The puzzling question is ,how did we get this way?
A baby observes a person walking and attempts to imitate them. The baby has no idea how they are going to walk, but it moves instinctively. It begins to crawl. Eventually the baby learns to walk. It appears that instead of making a move toward something we want we put it off until a later date. The difference between us and a baby is that a baby has no sense of fear, doubt or lack of motivation that could throw them off track. Overtime we attain these small but significant psychological hindrances that keep us from boarding our train to success. Time, like a train waits for no one. Perhaps we should learn from this fact and make a move toward our goal without waiting for tomorrow or worrying about yesterday. Take advantage of the here and now, get on board … isn’t it about time?


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  1. Maurice Sheppard says:

    I think most people get too comfortable with where they’re at in life and forget about their dreams. If Monday – Friday you’re working 10-12 hours a day for what you think is a high paying job, and get home to cook, eat, spend an hour on social sites, watch Scandal or Keeping Up with Kardashings, and not to mention personal hygiene, partying on Saturday, hangover on Sunday, your week is gone. How did we get this way? I think we got this way by imitating our peers like you said. We watched our mother and father bust their butt to provide for us, and now we are doing the same because that’s all we know. We watched the music videos, the TV shows, and even cartoons that programed us to want, want , want and not think about what we actually need, and most schools did the same. Schools program us from the time we’re little by teaching us the alphabets by a song. How many of us can actually say them backwards?

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