A High Note – Gary Foote

We all have dreams we strive for. Motivation is key to staying on the right track.  Music serves as inspiration to us all.  Life corresponds with music in many ways. On the journey to reaching our dreams the road can be as edgy as modern day Rap and Hip-Hop or sometimes it can be as smooth as modern day Jazz. Whatever genre our lives may relate to  we can be sure that the music will keep us moving. I recently connected with artist and producer Gary Foote who continues to follow his dreams in the music industry. Gary’s journey with music started when he was in the fourth grade, and he made it his vocation.  He continues to expand the horizon of music through his artistry. He currently works with Smokey Robinson and Blood Sweat and Tears, artist that are known for their rock, blues, pop, and jazz arrangements. When asked which artist are  playing in his ipod, he named Herbie Hancock, Mary j Blige, P funk, along with the Ohio Players.  These artist seem to have an influence on his music. While Mr. Foote works on his own music, he also has a love for producing artist. The message behind his music is to follow your dreams. He explained that the most difficult part about being an artist is maintaining health and spiritual disciplines. Mr.Foote has managed to share his talents by following his dreams and doing what he loves. After listening to his latest album, it’s easy to conclude that Gary is gifted.   It is inspiring to meet people like Gary Foote as they are reminders of the importance of following your dreams and living for what you love.  I have posted links below to preview/buy his latest album Harlem Works which features combinations of Jazz Funk and Hip-Hop. Gary hopes to perform in Wisconsin soon.



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