Thin ice.

Last week a friend of mines shared her ice skating experience. She was relatively new to skating and found herself constantly off-balance and skating out of control. This was not  the best situation for her controlling personality. She was accompanied by a guy and clung to him for balance. She explained to me that whenever she tried to skate alone she immediately fell on the slick ice. I couldn’t help but relate her experience to the relationship that  she has with this guy.  When they are together they both reside in the “just friends” category,  but when apart ( they live in different cities) they begin to wonder why they never took their relationship to the next level. Their temporary disconnect causes them to fall for one another. This unthawed the question, does absence make the heart grow founder? Distance seems to throw people off when it comes to relationships. Those who engage in this kind of relationship tread on thin ice. Going into a long distance relationship is sometimes equivalent to going in the danger zone. This is because the dependency the two have on one another when they are together is commonly a result of the uncertainty and ambiguity that occurs when they’re apart. When people are separated by distance they miss one another, and thoughts regarding the status of the relationship, the whereabouts of the person, and anticipation of the person returning may begin to consume their mind. This sort of mentality causes the person to become more dependent on the other for security when they return after being separated. When distance affects a relationship it sometimes can cause an unhealthy reliance on the other person. In the case of my friend, it may be better if she learns how to skate on her own. Finding a healthy balance between your social,professional, and personal life can be the key to having a stable relationship.


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  1. Tynesha says:

    I must say that I agree with you whole heartedly simply because being in a relationship already takes a lot of time and stress as it is so why add more stress on yourself with having a long distance relationship. In my opinion, long distance relationships never work simply because you will always wonder what if. You will always wonder if your partner is being as faithful as you are to him/her and vice versa. I think being involved in a long distance relationship really takes time and dedication. The two people involved have to set aside times in which they will chat on the phone, chat online, or perhaps meet in person.

    This brings me to my next point. When meeting in person it brings up all sorts of feelings and desires for one another. This leads to sexual activities and after spending a couple of days or a weekend together it may be several months to a year before you ever see each other again.

    That is why I prefer being with a partner that is living in my same state. I love being with a person that I can see on a regular basis. No matter what the case is whether it is a death in the family or you just want a shoulder to cry in the time of need. It sure as hell beats jumping on the internet and typing your problems out to a person in which you cannot see feel or touch. I could be wrong but that is just how I feel about the entire situation. With that being said I wish your friend the very best of luck.

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