The Green Bay Packers Score! – Go @packers !

Recently the Green Bay Packers made a huge power move by placing Valerie Daniels-Carter on their board of directors. With her astute business skills and dynamic personality it is not surprising that Daniels-Carter was elected to this position. Valerie is known for her franchise V&J holding companies. She kicked off her business starting with one Burger King and eventually opened more than 140  franchise restaurants across several states. Valerie comes off as a team player giving God and her family credit for her success in her latest book Your Business is His Business: It’s Where Favor Takes You, also by funding numerous charities and giving back to the community.  Her success story reminds us that it takes a vision and commitment to get into the end zone. Valerie’s new position makes her the first African-American woman to serve on an NFL board of directors. She has broken new ground for African-American women and she also is expanding the playing field for women in general.  Valerie Daniels–Carter has made a touchdown for women everywhere.

She is featured in the latest issue of Jet Magazine.

To stay Business savvy purchase Valerie Daniels Carter book Your Business is His Business: It’s Where Favor Takes You

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