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Recently I stumbled upon a charming business called Inslee By Design. This business offers a quaint way to express oneself through notes, invitations, and stationery, all of which are graced with gorgeous illustrations by the artist Inslee Haynes. Today it is common to communicate via email, texting and instant messaging. Inslee By Design gives us the refreshing option to add a personal touch to messages for any occasion. You are even offered the option of adding your name on the cards as well. I reached out to the artist Inslee, to receive some insight into her artwork. When asked what inspires her art work she expressed that fashion was at the top of the list , she commented “Well, this might seem obvious, but fashion! I love seeing new collections each season and of course I also pull a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion and classic imagery. Occasionally I’ll see someone just walking down the street looking fabulous and that too can be a great source of inspiration.” All of Inslee’s work are hand painted and drawn, she loves to work on paper. She stated, “My motivation is knowing that every day I get to do what I love – create. And the wonderful support and feedback I get from my clients makes my job so much fun to do”. Her advice to aspiring artist is to take advantage of the social networks and to never work for free. Inslee Haynes hopes to work for more commercial clients in the near future. Inslee By Design does not only offer a chic way to communicate with others, but it is also a reminder of what it means to follow your passion.

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Inslee By Design

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