Love – A Lovely Work of Art.

Love is a canvas that captures the emotions of our hearts. While some Love is abstract and hard to define, other forms of Love can be clear and easy to interpret. People rarely take the time to examine the essence of Love. I recently found myself wanting to take a harder look at Love and all of its dimensions. In this day and age people have a hard time finding Love, committing to Love, and some even have a hard time admitting that they Love. I was having a conversation with my friend when the topic of Love came up. She shared a conversation she had with her boyfriend. Apparently she said something clever and her boyfriend laughed and said “this is why I Love you” referring to her witty remark. Before she had the chance to process the words he casually retracted the statement and stated “I have Love for you”. This left her with a puzzled face and hesitant to respond. Is having Love for someone different from someone simply loving you? For example, I have Love for the game of basketball and Jazz, but I Love my family. My friend and I pondered this topic for a while. Later that day I revisited the exhibit Love, I couldn’t help but wonder if the phrase “I have Love for you” is another way for people to stray from the commitment, and binding emotions of solid Love. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t give her boyfriend such a hard time. It’s possible his nerves wouldn’t allow him to leave himself in that vulnerable position. Love has the power to change our entire perspective on life. Perhaps examining something too closely can prevent us from seeing the big picture.
“Are you warm, are you real, or just a cold and lonely Lovely work of art?”-(Mona Lisa)

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13 Responses to Love – A Lovely Work of Art.

  1. Daina says:

    Shame on him for missing an opportunity. He might not get another.
    Great Post!

  2. ana patricia says:

    I was intrigued by your very first sentence! Reading your post has just inspired me. Love your blog!Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Love your blog! I feel many people are afraid of the commitment those three words bring. I love you is a powerful phrase. I feel some people take for granted those three words and there are some people who don’t like to say I love you at all.

    I asked my husband what he means when he says, “And that’s why I love you,” and he said, “It means that I love you and I love your witty remarks.” I guess it depends on the guy though!

  4. nesha says:

    I strongly agree I love you are the most powerful words that a person can ever speak from his or her lips. It’s a sign to take the relationship to the next level ( such as marriage), but in the generation that we’re living in no one is trying to get married (those that are trying to get married and have a life are few and between.) With that being said we’re forced to have a hard time finding true love because some people are just looking for a free ride and somewhere to lay their head at night. When it comes to your friend I think it depends on how long she and her man have been together. Let’s say if they’ve been together for over three years or more than he shall be well invested into your friend by now. He should be head over hills in love with her, and by him saying that he has love for her sounds like skating on thin ice, and only wants to be friends, or he’s either trying to tell her that he has a brother and sister type of love for her. My thing is that don’t play with people emotions. I feel like if you don’t love me tell me in advanced that way I won’t start having feelings for someone that doesn’t love me which will then, give me the opportunity to move on to the person that does love me.

    Thank you so much for sharing. ( I hope that everything works out with your friend too!)

  5. Thank you for your input Nesha. I always like to read your comments. 😉 Your absolutely right, too many people use the word love for their convenience. In my opinion It seems as though my friends boyfriend used the “have love for you phrase” to send the hint that he has sister brother type love for her, and nothing more. Hopefully she will realize this for herself.

    • nesha says:

      I hope that she does too. She needs to find her a prince charming to sweep her off her feet. All women need a man like that in their lives.

  6. Abby Kelly says:

    I am very intrigued! I’m going to have to process this more myself – what is a genuine human representation of Love? Is love something you Have or that you Be or that you Give or all of the above?
    To me, Jesus Christ, IS Love. He is the only genuine representation of actual Love. He was Love when Love had to say the hard things, He was Love to the broken, ostracized and lonely and He was Love in sacrifice and Love in physical affection. Thanks for writing!

    • This is a very insightful comment. Thank you for sharing Abby. I too believe that God is Love! If we all seek God first then he will allow a Love in our life that is kind and pure and never uncertain.

  7. i can totally relate! thanks for sharing this and thanks for visiting my blog!:)

  8. Miss Roses says:

    Hey darling. I really love this post 🙂 I saw your comment ton my blog and i just had to read this kind of twin post! Really cool. Yeah, Love what is this thing? Here is a post you might like: cheers!

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