Chicago Bears VS. Green Bay Packers

It seems as though the Superbowl is coming early this year for a lot of people. The Packers and the Bears are matched up to play this Sunday in the NFC championship game! This has a lot of people talking. The Bears and the Packers have been rivals for a long time. This is a pretty big game considering the fact that the Packers haven’t played the Bears in the NFC championship since 1941. This match up has been long-awaited. Both teams have something to prove. The Bears Coach Lovie Smith makes his goals for his team very clear in the beginning of every season, #1 Beat the Packers, #2 win the Division, and of course # 3 win the Superbowl. He made beating the Green Bay Packers his top priority from the start of the season. The Packers are just as fired up about the game and are ready to prove to the Bears who’s in charge. This rivalry has been alive since 1921. Interestingly enough this was a time when the Packers couldn’t decide on a team name. They were initially called the Indians after the Indian packing company that had sponsored them but the press labeled them the Packers. In 1921, the Acme Packing Company obtained a franchise for the team from the American Professional Football Association (later called the National football league). This made two packing companies financial sponsors of the team which later resulted in the changing of the name to the Green Packers. The name of the Green Bay Packers was set in stone along with the rivalry with the Bears that thrives today. This Sunday will the Bears claw their way to the Superbowl or will Green Bay take charge and pack the Bears away for post season storage.

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