Eating with Friends

Last night my friends and I went out to eat. We were all stuffing our faces when one of my friends went to the counter to pick up her second order, she saw the menu and yelled back to our table,  “Bread sticks are only a dollar!” As everyone began to reach for their dollar bills it got me wondering, do people tend to eat more when they go out with their friends? I can definitely say that I do eat more, which also means I spend more when I go out with my friends. Me and mis amigos are very eat drink and be merry type of people. As you can see from the picture above we love to eat and have a good time. We tend to leave our worries behind once we sit in our booth and start piling the food in our faces. If you ask me the hakuna  matata (lion king) lifestyle is great, but for those who are managing their money and weight for the new year I have some great tips to help you meet your goal.

1)Beverages: Instead of ordering your favorite soda opt for water. This reduces the total calories of the meal, helps your budget, goes great with hot wings, and always refillable. 

2)Only bring the money that you need. This forces you to not over eat or over spend. Can’t use what you don’t have.

3) Go for the deal. For example sometimes its best to buy a large pizza for the table instead of everyone buying separate personal pizzas, it can be less costly for everyone  that way. Sharing is caring.

4)This kind of ties in with number 3. If the restaurant asks for your email or address to update you on upcoming deals or changes in the menu you should definitely consider giving them your info if that’s a place you regularly go to. This way you can get coupons and are aware of the best deals. Your friends will love you for having the coupons and the info on the discounts.

5) For those trying to lose weight, try to eat very healthy before you go to the restaurant. Once you’ve started off the day right you’re not going to want to mess it up at the restaurant with all the fatty foods. The healthy choices you make earlier in the day will encouraged you to make healthier choices later at the restaurant. Your not going to want to undo your healthy decisions you’ve made.

Hope these tips help  you all to better your health and finances in 2011

Shout out to Pizza Shuttle lol

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4 Responses to Eating with Friends

  1. jenkakio says:

    I totally agree. I eat (and drink) waaaay more with a group of friends. I love your tips and I’m excited to try some out.

    Dang, $1 breadsticks, thats cheap! Haha.

  2. Those are so much food!! and completely agree, with my friends, I probably be able to finish all of those!!

  3. lol yeah that is a lot of food 0_0 lol angga and jenkakio i hope they work well for you 😉

  4. cayla says:

    good times…lol

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