Is that a threat?

When it comes to relationships we often try our best to take the high road to prevent an argument. Every now and then you or your mate may say something out of line or a little pretentious without malicious intent. Many people brush off the little comments and side remarks for their own particular reasons perhaps their too tired and would rather not start a conflict, or maybe they’re convinced they took it out of context and it’s not worth looking into. But when is it time to analyze a comment and take it for what it is? I recently stumbled upon a good case scenario that is reflective of this problem. Over the last couple of weeks a girl (we’ll call her Patricia) had been noticing that her boyfriend had been making some questionable remarks. After an argument and later some playful banter she asked “what if I wanted to leave you?” He calmly replied, “I’d follow you to heaven or hell.” Then he left the room. When she told her friends of this little incident they weren’t all too alarmed, maybe he was trying to be romantic but I personally don’t find any place found after death romantic. Around two weeks later they got in a slight argument and after making up he stated very nonchalantly as they were watching TV “You know, it’s me or nobody.” He continued to surf through the channels as if he had announced that a good movie was coming on that night. 0_0 . When she told her friends about the second remark she blurted out “Is that a threat?”

When are statements, such as those, supposed to be taken seriously? Although the whole situation is more than a little creepy, the better question is rather or not she’s really happy. I think any woman in this situation should definitely talk to their partner about questionable remarks or behavior. Patricia said she doesn’t want to leave him; she just wants to have the option. This is understandable; one doesn’t feel caged when there is a way out. She can either talk to him about it or keep quiet. Whichever route she takes, there are only so many signs she’ll get before they reach a dead end. Never be afraid to pull over and figure things out before you both go too far in the wrong direction.

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3 Responses to Is that a threat?

  1. bedroomtails says:

    In all fairness its only two comments, so I’d give him enough rope to hang himself and as soon as he make the Third comment, tell her to back out gently before he turns into a control freak

  2. Ms B. BAD says:

    umm those comments are def borderline. I would personally be very careful and look for other warning signs and controlling behavior. If he also acts the part then she needs to be careful.

  3. nesha says:

    Yeah this is definitely a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama and back in March there was a huge article about a young woman who was married to her husband and from that marriage they had five kids. She began having problems with her husband. The would fuss and fight. She finally grew tried of it all. One day in the middle of an argument he told her that if he couldn’t have her then nobody would have her. By this time they were divorced and she had a restraining order on him, and if I remember correctly he either went to jail or prision. To make a long story short once he got out of prison I think it was. He went back to his ex-wife house with a vengeance and Killed her in cold blood. So if you know someone in a situation like this step up and help them in any way that you can. Because now, like in this situation these kids are now motherless.

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