Start the New Year off right

 I have a great new smoothie recipe that will help you start the new year off right. It has multiple benefits. This smoothy is great for the body because it produces alkaline. You want your body to be more alkaline than acidic. Cancer cells can’t grow in an alkaline body.The Leafy greens in the smoothy help you to fight infections and allergies.  Your less likely to catch a cold. The reason this drink works is because the Kale, or green leaf of your choice is alive. Food that you bake is dead. Its better to eat food that is alive (Fresh or organic) . The cells in this food mimic the cells in your body.It helps your  immune system much quicker than ‘dead food’, and   because it is blended so finely it will go almost directly to your blood stream, this creates more immediate effects. This smoothy also helps balance your blood sugar and lowers your cholesterol. It also improves your skin. I’ve been on this regime for several weeks and it has given me a lot of energy and my skin looks great. Simply follow the recipe below

You will need:

  • A bushel of kale(a hand full)
  • 1-1/2  bottles of water
  • 3 pears or 3 apples(no seeds or core) or 3 peaches only one kind of fruit at a time, with the exception of bananas. Bananas can go along with any combination of fruits. I recommend you use bananas each time you make the smoothie.
  • squeeze lemon or lime juice in to the blender (these are full of alkaline)

Before making the smoothie make sure you thoroughly wash the fruit and green vegetables. First place the green leaves (kale etc) into the blender. Next pour 16-20 ounces  into the blender.  I recommend you blend these ingredients together befor adding the fruits. After blending the first time,carefully cut the fruit and place them in the blender. Blend for 15-20 seconds. Place into the refrigerator for an hour and drink up!

Switch up the green leaves every other week because all leafy greens have toxins and you don’t want to take the same toxins week after week.The toxins in plants develop to stop bugs from eating them. Although it won’t hurt a human body, if you take them constantly they can build up in the body and potentially hurt you. So your going to want to switch up the leafy greens so that your not taking the same toxin over and over.For example one week use kale the next week use collards or use chard, or mache these are all leafy greens that are high in alkaline. The smoothie will be thick depending on the amount of water you use. I suggest you use more water in the beginning because it makes it more paletable. This smoothie has so many benefits. Drink twice a day and you will see positive changes in your health within a month.

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