Chapter 2 Part 2

I sat and waited in the car for thirty minutes. It was the beginning of June and it was actually hot in these parts. This meant that I had to keep my motor on to keep from suffocating. I was annoyed by this but if running out all my gas meant that she would finally get a job doing what she loves then it was worth the wait.

Karma walked back to the car with a big smile on her face.  She turned around and waved at the man who had been watching her walk to the car. She must have felt his eyes on her because she was so sure he was looking. Karma took her time getting in the car.

“So what that you got there?”I smiled looking at the papers she had in her hand.

“Oh nothing, just the rules and regulations of my new job.”She gave me a big hug. “Thanks D I owe you one.”

“No problem, but just for the record you owe me more than one, I went to three of these Salons for you.” We both laughed.

When we pulled back up to Karmas place we both sat there, again just thinking. Of course Karma was flipping through all the papers her new boss had given her. I figured now was a good time to break the news.

“Karma you know that new job I got?” I didn’t give her any eye contact

“Yeah, what about it?”She kept flipping through her papers.

“Well it’s not here it’s out of town.”

“Wait you mean you got to move out of town for good.”


“How far?”She said looking straight at me.

“It’s in Atlanta.”

“Oh you’re lying!”


“Why didn’t you tell me this from the beginning?” Karma asked.

“I was but then you started talking about this whole money situation you’re in and I just thought that I would wait to tell you.”

“Wow so your serious than huh? Your really gone leave all your friends behind just like that.”

“Karma we all knew that we weren’t going to stay here forever. It’s time for me to leave the nest. Plus it’s not like I’m not going to visit. I’m going to call every time I get a chance so don’t even get all emotional.

Karma and I had grown up together. We were like sisters. Me and my friend Mya were also like sisters but I haven’t been able to talk to her today. I figured I would call her again tomorrow. Karma didn’t like the whole idea of me leaving partially because I was always the one who got her out of trouble. I was the one who stood up for her. I think that in away me leaving will help her be more independent. At least I hope so.

“SO what am I supposed to do.”Karma asked for the fifth time, since I broke the news.

“Live your life” I was tired of this conversation already. Karma started making me nervous with all her “what ifs.” When I looked out of the car window I saw

Karma’s so called exboyfriend.

“Uh oh Karma. Looks like you got a bigger problem to deal with now.”I pointed to Jalen.

She looked at him and then quickly looked away.

“Quick Daina drive off before he sees me.”She said putting the car in drive.

“Um I don’t think so. Why? What’s he doing over here anyways? Y’all broke up months ago. What, you don’t remember that fight?” She could tell I wasn’t planning on moving the car.

“Daina I owe him some money, he gave me four hundred for some bills. I told him I would pay him back by now. You know that I don’t pick at my left over’s but I needed the money.” She kept her head faced my way so that he wouldn’t notice her.

“Why would he give you money in the first place? Why would he owe you that if yall not together?”

“Because I did him a favor a while back, stop acting like my momma. I don’t have to answer these questions.” Karma said

“Go handle your business o.k.” I said

Thank god we were parked in front of the house next door other wise he would have seen us right away. He continued to knock on the door.

“No let’s just sit and wait until he goes away.” Karma seemed nervous.

“You’re scared aren’t you. Are you scared of this man?”

“Yeah.” She said without shame.

I immediately got out the car to talk to him. Karma started to panic.

“No, stop, don’t.,” She grabbed my arm. “then he’ll know I’m in here. Listen to me, he is not gone put up with you trying to talk to him.”

“O.k. and if he does see you in the car what’s he going to do huh?”I replied.

Karma started crying again and shaking her head.

“No D stop.”

I got out the car because I was taught never to be scared of a man. Benetha told me that if a man was punk enough to hit on a lady than he was a coward and could be easily handled. Benetha was very smart. It’s sad that her mind left her so soon.

I was surprised to see Karma scary self getting out the car behind me. I felt better. We walked slowly as we approached Jalen. We were ten feet away when I started talking.

“Hi can we help you.”I said in a calm voice.

“Where my money?”He said staring at Karma as if I wasn’t there.

“I ain’t got it right now.” Karma said with tears streaming down her face.

He started stomping up to her.

“What you mean you ain’t got it.”

He stood toe to toe with Karma. I was right next to her.

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