The Battlefield

 In relationships we all know that there will be highs and lows, the good times and the bad times. Its a known fact that there will be an arguement here or there, but what if there’s an argument here,there and everywhere else. Everytime you look up your in an argument. Lets say for instance, lately you and Mr.fightforfun have been arguing everyday. It’s almost a routine. The sad thing is You can’t figure out who’s to blame for the constant arguing. Is your temper or his apparent gift for taking things the wrong way? In relationships you may find yourself feeling as though your on a battlefield. Many consider their relationship resilient, they’re able to come to a seise fire for awhile, but give them a couple of hours and all guns and grenades are back out. The obvious solution would be to discuss the problem with your significant other so that you can put an end to this war. My friend once told me she tried to talk with her guy about their arguing but didn’t get far. She told me that later he sent her a text message sayin, “I thought I had it bad when we fight but I listen to some of my friends argue and we don’t come close.” Apparently his friends have very heated arguments compared to theirs.
I thought what’s worse frequent petty fighting or occasional heated arguments?
I think that those who engage in petty fighting that occur on a more frequent basis are in no better condition than those that have rare hostile fights. The petty frequent fights shows the consistant frustration between two people and their inability to see eye to eye. Usually this kind of fighting is a result of a bigger conflict that was never put to rest. If you can find the root of the problem, the little issues won’t be such a big deal.
Those that have rare fights full of hostility are couples who keep all their emotions barried until the pile gets to big and it all comes to the surface leading to one big explosive battle. Petty or extreme fighting is not uncommon in a relationship. I feel it’s better to keep things open and upfront from the start inorder to keep things from festering and later blowing up. Instead of fighting for whatever reason try to talk it out, and get to the root of the problem.. Ha now if only I could take my own advice.

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3 Responses to The Battlefield

  1. Lakia says:

    My boyfriend and I would get into really big arguments until we began to learn each other’s love language. There is a book by Gary Chapman (the 5 Love Languages) that really gets you thinking and forces you to learn of your spouse’s “love language” –how each person receives love and affection from others. I would recommend this book to anyone! It’s really great.

  2. Jsmoove says:

    Not even ganna lie, your speaking the truth. I gree 100% that the cause for the little “petty” arguements, as you say, are, in fact, connected to a previous arguement which that couple had. What people must understand as well is that not everyone is the type to sit down and speak about what the problem is. See me, i’m not the confrontational type, so I dislike argueing constantly. Its simply pointless to me, but that’s basically the problem, everyone has a way of handling situations and arguements differently. My bestie has been in and out of the same relationship for about 2 years now and she still claims she’s “MADLY IN LOVE” with this fellow. lol. I think it’s all a matter of the people in the relationship. #imjustsayin

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