Chapter Two Part 1

*”Well what’s the good news?” I tried not to sound so disappointed.

“The person we hired needs an assistant to help her with managing colors and printing the covers. We thought you would be good for the job.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was overjoyed.

“I would be happy to take you up on this offer, when do I start.”

“Here’s the problem, the woman we hired is starting in two weeks. Do you think you can manage getting set up down here in two weeks?” Cynthia asked.

“Two weeks, that’s nothing.” I made the mistake of showing concern in my voice. I quickly tried cover it up.”But it should be ok, I know someone I can stay with until I get a place to move into. After I received more information and finished up over the phone I ran up to Bonnie.

“Bonnie I got the job aren’t you proud of me?!”

“WE already rich you don’t need to be workin..”

‘Yeah that’s what you think’ I thought to myself.I couldn’t quite figure out what she meant. I hated that she couldn’t really share the moment with me.

Chapter two.
Two weeks is not a lot of time so I began packing the day I got the call. I was so excited. While I was packing i decided to call one of my best friends Karma. She was always happy for me when things worked out in my favor. Her cell rang twice before she answered, probably because she never lets it out of her sight.

“Hey Daina what’s up?.”She answered

“Nothing really I just been thinking for a while.”

“Why what’s wrong now?”She said in a worried tone.

“Nothing’s wrong, I got a job! “I screamed and then we both started screaming. She couldn’t believe it.

“What kind of job, does it pay well,?”She was very excited

“It’s ok, not like the job that I wanted, but it’s a start. I am so excited, now i am finally going to be able to get out of this old house. I can’t wait to meet new people.I’ll be helping to design covers for a magazine. I think my name might even be on the inside of the magazine next to the title they give me.” Wishful thinking.

“That sounds good to me. Now I need a job because things around here are getting worse.” Karma said.

Karma, her motherland her sister lived in their house and they were really struggling with money. I always try to help them out when I get some extra cash flow, but lately I haven’t had any money to spare. My mother has paid for a lot lately which is why this job has come at a great time. I am tired of her supporting me; I figure it’s time to support her now.

“What’s wrong with the job you have now karma?”I said waiting for an answer.

“I need to get my career started, and bagging groceries is not a good start.

“You have your beautician license, have you saved any money to rent a place for your shop?”

“Nope I been trying to pay the bills and rent instead of saving, and now our money is extra tight over here because my sister got another baby on the way.”

“Are you serious?”I dropped the clothes that I was folding.

I took a deep breath. “Look, be outside in about thirty minutes, and bring a phone book, and your portfolio.”I said as I was looking for my keys.

“O.k. ,but why?”

“Let’s try to get something done today, no sense in moping around and doing nothing.”

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