Chapter 1 Part 2

I handed mom the papers to fill out. She was very worried about Bonnie, I could tell. We waited for the nurse to come back to our room so that we could ask further questions before we left. Unfortunately hunger crept into our rooms before the nurse did.

“Daina go down to the lobby and get me a bagel and some coffee.” My mother always ate when she was nervous. She offered to pay, but I paid anyways. As I walked towards the steps I saw a man around eighty years old screaming and jumping up and down. Two female nurses were trying to get the man to his room or at least up the stairs. The nurse holding his right arm managed to turn around and tell me that I should take the elevator. She didn’t have to tell me twice. When I walked toward the elevator the first person I saw was Dr. Robinson holding a coffee mug.

“Hey.” I said trying not to make things awkward.

“Hi, its you again” He said as we walked in the elevator. I was shocked to see that the elevator was halfway nice. It was one of those elevators with pretty lights and mirrors on each side. The last time I saw one like this it was in a fancy hotel.

As the doors closed a big push of air pushed in making my hair blow back.  I reached in to press the button and so did he.

“Oh, sorry go ahead” I said trying not to look at him, but everywhere I turned there he was in the mirror. He started to breathe harder, which meant he felt the awkwardness.

“SO are you going on a lunch break” I said.

“Yep, how’d you guess?”

“Your mug.” I responded as I pointed to it, as though it was obvious.

“Are we moving?” He said looking at the buttons. He pressed the buttons harder.

‘Oh my God’ was the first thing I thought. I started to panic.

“No I don’t think we’re moving,” I started pacing in little circles, “Look I’m not good in small spaces.” I said under my breath.

“Just calm down miss. I’ll call someone to fix it.”

When he got off the phone he looked down at me and said it’ll be fifteen minutes. We should be ok; I just wish we weren’t on the fifth floor.” He laughed at himself as he tried to make me nervous.

I was sitting down with my legs in a pretzel position. He was sweating just as much as I was.

“Is there any room down there for me?’

“Sure” I said and scooted over.

He started to make his way down to the floor as he asked, “No disrespect but how old are you?” smiling as if he was thinking I was too old to be so nervous.

“I’m twenty two” I said without hesitation.

“Really you look older.”

“Probably because I smoke, it ages me a little; well that’s what people say.”

“You shouldn’t smoke its not good for you at all.”

“Yeah I know.” I said.

This small talk went on until the elevator finally opened up. When I got back I told my mom about him and she only had one thing to say.

“Is he married?” She chuckled.

“Nope, but he’s not my type”

“You don’t have a type.” She said with a frown on her face.

The Women that I referred to as my aunties are not my real aunties, they are just my mothers best friends since she was little, which makes them my Aunt,..I guess. They were like teenagers though. They could only stay in a place for a quick second and then they would have to leave. This is the excuse I gave them for leaving so quickly. I think my mom is the most mature out of  the three of them.

I got home around three o’clock pm. We left for the hospital around 9 this morning. My grandmother was laid out on the couch, talking just to talk as usual. I try to listen to what she has to say but most of it isn’t clear anymore. I saw one unheard message on the message machine and I quickly played it. It was Cynthia, the blond woman that interviewed me.

“Hi this is Cynthia from Living Business magazine; I would greatly appreciate it if you called back as soon as possible. My number is 404-349-5983.I have some good news and some bad news.”

‘What kind of message is that to leave on someone’s machine?’ I thought to myself.

Bonnie was listening I know, but I could care less. I was glad she still had the mind to listen to anything.

Cynthia picked up on the third ring.

“Hi this is Daina returning your call” I said using my professional voice.

“Yes, ok well I’m glad to hear from you. Do you want the bad news or good news first?”

“Bad news” I say holding my breath

“That’s right!” Bonnie screamed, making it clear to me that she approved my decision to hear the bad news first. I shook my head and put my index finger to my mouth to keep her quiet.

“Ok well you didn’t get the job Daina” Cynthia said as if she didn’t just crush my dreams. My mouth immediately dropped.

“Well what’s the good news?” I tried not to sound so disappointed.

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