Chapter 1 Part 1

Right now I am waiting for a phone call for a job. If I get this job it would truly be a blessing for me. I have dreamed of designing covers of magazines. Hopefully this will lead to an even bigger job like being an assistant director of a play or a commercial. Right now I would just be happy with designing magazine covers. I think that I aced the interview. Even so there is still a chance that I may not get the job because there were four other ladies that were interviewed that day, and each seemed qualified. Two of them were white men. They were all older than me.
I figured that they were not going to hire me because I was too young, or too black. The lady I sat next to as I waited was very nice and confident. I tried to seem just as confident but she probably knew how nervous I was from the start. When I began to speak to her she gave direct eye contact, which was kind of intimating at first but I got over it.
“Hi” I said to her as cheerful as I could.
“Hi” She replied in a more professional way. She looked around thirty years old.
“Are you nervous?” She asked me.
“No not really. It should be a breeze.”I said not telling her how I really felt.
“How old are you?”The woman asked
“I’m twenty two.”I said regretting that I had ever acknowledged her presence. If I would have known that she would have been this nosey I wouldn’t have said a word to her.
“Well your pretty young now aren’t you.”She said staring at my outfit
“Yeah well, I hope that this job isn’t based on how old a person is right”
“Right” The lady replied.

She turned out to be a pretty cool person, but I didn’t like making friends at a job interview because they were the people I was competing against. The ladies name was Shirley she was twenty nine, a big smoker and hungry. That’s all I found out about her during my wait. She didn’t find out a lot about me either. The only reason I decided to go out for the interview was because at my last job I was told that the magazine selling rates increased by ten percent that month as a result of me substituting for a head position. The owner of the magazine told me about this job down in Atlanta, I flew down there and took the interview. Now I’m back in Milwaukee and I’m waitning for a job here. If I get the job I’m going to move down there with my friend. She was my college roommate. We became really good friends over the years. She helped me with just about everything and I helped her with a lot of stuff too.

As soon as I let my mind drift off I heard a nerve shattering thump. It was only me and my grandma so I knew it had to be her. I ran as fast as I could. Thank God the house is small that way I could find her easily. I saw she was on the floor.
“”Bonnie what happened?!”I screamed. Bonnie is my grandmother her real name is Benetha. She was diagnose with alzheimer’s a year ago and it has taken its toll. When I saw her down there I wanted to cry. I started to remember her before this disease took over her mind. She was such a live person. She never spoke of any hurt or pain she had once felt. Every now and then she would mention granddad Gerald. She never spoke wrong of him. Sometimes I would catch her staring at his picture as if she were in a trance. I always wondered what that was about. But now seeing this once beautiful lively woman on the floor hurt me to the point of no end. I picked her up and put her on the bed. I called the ambulance. It seemed like it took a lifetime for them to get there. At the hospital it took twenty minutes for the doctors to let me in.I had called everyone, my mother and my closest aunts. When I got in to her room the nurse gave me some check out papers. This relieved me a little.
“How is she, what caused the fall?”I asked
“Well she was dehydrated and when she got out of bed she collapsed. She hit her head very hard but no serious damage occurred.”
“Oh thank God” I said as I watched my grandmothers facial expression.
The doctor came in he was a tall black man with a low cut hair style. He seemed very professional and he didn’t say a word yet. He looked a little tired I noticed but it was understandable.
“Hi” I said softly
“Hi how are you?” He replied
“Fine” I responded
“I’m Doctor Robinson, It looks as though your grandmother has had a little accident but she will be just fine. Are you with some one?’
“No” I said as I rubbed my grandmother’s head.
“So you came here all by yourself?”
“Well I guess you have already had a bad day huh?”He said kind of sarcastically.
“Not really, as long as no one died I’m ok.”
“I know what you mean.” He said as he looked down at directly in my eyes
“I’m sure your grandmother will be fine if she is as half as strong as…”
My mother and aunties interrupted his sentence. They came in screaming.
“Oh mommas are you ok!”They must have scared Bonnie because she screamed back.
“I’m fine; do you see a cover over my face? I ain’t dead!” I had to laugh, because Bonnie was never scared to tell the truth, or what she thought was the truth.
The doctor smiled at me and walked out that door.

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