Lakers are the 2010 Champions! As a huge Huge Lakers fan I am proud and honored to say Congratulations and thank you for the great season. Last night’s game was extremely intense and this is partly because of the Celtic play. Two of my very best friends are as big of Celtic fans as I am for the Lakers and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the great Celtic effort that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. They are incredible as well. Ok Enough of that.

The Lakers win last night proved to us that determination, persistence, and team work are the keys to success. I believe rather you are a Celtic fan, a bitter Cavalier fan, or a Lakers fan, we can all take something from their success and use it in our everyday lives.

Determination. Down thirteen in the third quarter, the Lakers stayed resilient. Keeping confidence was significant in this game.  Down by thirteen and that close to the finish line facing a rock hard team like the Celtics is a very challenging scenario. Most teams would have rolled over and played dead, but not the 2010 champions. They put the pedal to the metal and pushed their way through, that’s called determination. Kobe Bryant struggled with his shot with 2 for 11 before the half, but he was determined to get the job done. 

Persistence. Although Kobe shot was off he was patient and found other ways to make his mark on the game. He had around 15 rebounds and forced his way to the line.  If you can’t meet your goals using your first tactic find another way to get there, but whatever you do don’t take your foot off the gas. It became evident that Kobe would need some help, and he didn’t shy away from asking for it.

Teamwork. They all knew that they couldn’t get it done until they passed the ball. Pau Gasol had a huge assist when he passed the ball to Derrick Fisher AKA Mr. Clutch who made an even bigger shot. He tied up the game at 64 and completely changed the momentum. Later in the game as Boston tried to creep back, only down by three, Kobe made a huge play, and passed the ball to Ron Artest who made a three point shot. Don’t always worry about being in the driver seat, sometimes your there to give directions. Getting there is all that matters. Teamwork involves trusting others, and not being selfish. The trust that Phil Jackson and the Lakers had in one another was amazing. Hard work, determination, persistence, and teamwork; Three key elements that led Mr. Bryant and the Lakers to one more ring.

So the next time you’re struggling to meet your goal, remember don’t give up, find another way to get it done, and don’t be afraid to pass the ball everyone needs help sometimes.

Again congratulations Lakers! Alright Kobe we got five rings, let’s celebrate and start working on the next one.

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