Prologue Part 2

Benetha married Gerald. Over the past few months Benetha’s marriage had been through a world wind. Her husband had been acting out almost every single night, and when he didn’t it was because he didn’t come home until the next day. Benetha was sure that something was wrong but she wasn’t sure how to even begin to ask her husband Gerald what it was.
It was 11:00 pm. Benetha called her friend Kendra to calm her nerves.

“Benetha I’m glad you called.”Kendra yelled
“Why?” Benetha nervously chuckled
“Well earlier today my husband came home very drunk. I began to nag and lecture like I always do when he comes home drunk, and then I notice that he had his hands in his face. So I said whats wrong and he started talking.”Baby I’ve got a confession to make.” It made me sick how he was slurring his words, Benetha you shoulda heard him, but I managed to say “GO on”
I been doing drugs and I need some money to pay back the man
“What man?” I said to him and he continued?
Me and Gerald done got ourselves in some trouble.”
“What kinda trouble” I coulda killed him for talkin so slow. SO then he said
Gerald tried to set up his own drug cartel but he didn’t have no drugs to sell so he stole from big C. Gerald told me that if I helped him steal the drugs he would split the money made off sellin them with me. So I got in on the deal but we got caught and now big C said he was gone kill us if we didn’t get 500 dollars to him by 2:00pm tomorrow.”
Benetha’s mouth had dropped she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
Kendra began talking again “What are we gonna do?”
“I guess I’ll just wait for him to come home, I got to go lay down, I’ll talk to you later.” Benetha said while holding her head.

Benetha laid down on her bed while holding her stomach. She soon fell asleep. Two hours later she was awaken by dogs barking and a door slamming.”Gerald!” she screamed.
She grabbed her steel bat and began walking through the house.”Gerald” she said in a loud shaky voice. She held the bat tightly. She saw a mans shadow laid out on the downstairs couch. She knew it was Gerald but she wondered why he didn’t say anything.
She began talking.

“Gerald Kendra told me about everything. Why would you get yourself in this kind of trouble. How are you going to pay me back for all this money I’m going to give you.”
He didn’t respond so she walked up to the couch.

He stood up and gave her a big tight hug. This calmed her down. She was happy that he was hugging her so tight. Then he kissed her on the head.

“Everything will be ok Gerald we’ll fix this.”Benetha said waiting for a response. To her surprise she heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Gerald is ok but he won’t be home until late tomorrow. He gave me the key to his house to tell you.”
Benetha began to scream “Get off me!”
“Hush it’s me Glen.”
“Glen why didn’t you say anything?”Benetha said baffled as to why he had kissed her and still had his arms around her waist.”I could kill you for foolin me like that.”
“Sorry I…..”Before glen could say anything else the front door slammed open.
Benetha clinched on to Glen out of fright. Before they could part Gerald turned on the light.
Gerald began to become enraged as he saw his best friend wrapped around his wife.

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