Summer and Skin

Summer is a time for relaxing and taking much needed vacations. Although this season keeps us on the mindset of fun, adventure, and excitement and everything else is out the window, the one thing we must keep in mind is… our appearance of course! I’ve got some great new products that I have found are ideal for summer skin care.

First we will begin with Orgins Modern Friction -natures own dermabrasion. This product is absolutely genius and it works for all skin types. This product uses natural ingredients such as rice starch, aloe, bergamot and peppermint. The first time I used this product I could immediately see the results.. My poors appeared smaller, my face felt relieved of dead skin, and my face had a glow which was amazing since it was my first time using it. Since then I have been happy with the results, but have also learned a harsh lesson. What ever you do don’t let it get in your eyes! Can you say ouch.. This product is pricey, I paid $48.00.. But the results are worth it. My goal for clear even toned skin will soon be met with this product .

The next product I have found extremely helpful is the Mint Julep mask.. Many people are familiar with mint julep because restaurants often place it in teas and other festive drinks, because it’s very calming. Turns out it also soothes the skin.I use the mask after using my orgins modern friction exfoliant. I place this mask all over my face and let it sit while watching tv. It doesn’t take long for it to dry. And 30 minutes should do the job. As soon as I take it off my pores are tighter or smaller and my face feels fresh. If I should have any pimples they’ve been dried out because of this product..the best part is.. It’s only $3.99 at your local drug store. Love this product.

The next product is from a line I have been wanting to try for a while. I had been breaking out very often due to other makeup brands so I decided to finally give clinique a chance.I wanted a product to lighten my scars from popping pimples. I purchased the clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector.At first I was skeptical because I didn’t have any other products from clinique. But so far so good my dark spots have lightened three shades in less than two weeks. This was again pricey…$50.00 but worth it. I may update with pictures so you all can see the difference for yourselves 🙂

After using the Clinique dark spot corrector I decided to go back n try their makeup. I purchased makeup off their Even Better line. This line is created to help even out skin tone which is my goal Again skeptical because this time I wasn’t sure if they would have my shade. I sat down with a lady n she helped me to find my perfect match. I like the product because it’s soo light perfect for summer, and it gives a dewy finish. Two thumbs up. This was 25.00

The last product that I think is great especially for this season is the Hanae Mori perfume cream. The smell is decadent and too heavy. The cream leaves my skin silky soft. This is a must for those who love light scents that stay on all day.

These products are all great for taking good care of your skin throughout the summer. I appreciate all feedback. Until my next post, Stay Savvy!

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  1. amyblam says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the dark spot corrector. Have some freckles and unevenness from my years of sun worshipping. Glad to hear someone was pleased with it!

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