Prologue part 1


“Benetha!” her mother screamed at the top of her lungs,” Someone is here for you.” It was a warm spring day may 19th. Benetha knew who it was by the way her mother screamed her name urgently. It had to be Gerald; he was the only man her mother got worked up about. From the time Gerald had moved in town up until now he had been the talk of the century. Everyone thought that he would be the perfect husband for their daughters, including her mother. Benetha wasn’t that crazy about him, but after their conversation in church she decided to give him a chance. “Out of all the young ladies why me” Benetha thought to herself after he asked her out for the first time. Time had passed and Gerald was here to pick her up for their hundredth date” Benetha!!” Her mother screamed for the last time.
Benetha walked down the stairs while refusing to give any of them eye contact. She knew that when she looked at Gerald he would look at her as if he adored her which made her nervous, and she didn’t want to fall. She knew that if she made eye contact with her mother her moms eyes would basically say “What did I tell you about making a man wait so long, you’ll lose him like that, just wait and see.” When Benetha and Gerald started walking to his car she noticed that his friend Glen and his girl were in the car.”Gerald I didn’t know that we were going on a double date.” Benetha said in a disappointing tone. “SO.”He replied as he opened the door for Benetha to get in. Benetha gripped her purse tightly and bit her tongue to keep from speaking her mind.

At the restaurant Gerald seemed to be his normal self showing off by getting them a big booth. Gerald was a man who had a lot of pride. “SO what would you like? “The waitress asked with a silly grin on her face. Glen and his girl ordered first. Gerald told the waitress what he wanted and what Benetha wanted without Benetha ever opening her mouth. Benetha was irritated but did not show it.

When Benetha got home she ran straight to her room to call her best friend Kendra. “So how was it?” Kendra asked answering the phone.
“Just like the last two dates………..they were nice.”
“Really, so are you guys getting serious?”Kendra asked
“I don’t know, but my mom’s already talking about marriage.” Benetha said, rolling her eyes
“Wow, well don’t marry him because your mom loves him, marry him because you do.”
“I know I just hope my mom doesn’t try to push me into it.”
“Next subject, how was Glen?” Kendra asked as if that was all she cared about.
“Glen is fine and he seemed pretty happy with his date.”
“Oh well, seems like all the good ones are taken.”
“Yeah Gerald is a nice guy, kinda funny looking though.” Benetha spoke under her breath.
“I’ll take anything now, I’m almost an old maid” Kendra said making herself laugh.

After Benetha got off the phone she went down stairs and saw her mother. Josephine (her mother) was looking at her late husband’s picture.
“Mom, are you ok?”Benetha said
“Oh yeah ……how was your date?”
“Just fine? Benetha I want you to marry him he is a nice guy and he has money. Your twenty six years old. It’s time to get married.”
“Mom, I’m not sure if I like him that much. He is kinda violent and controlling”
“I like him Benetha and I don’t know a man that ain’t controlling and a little violent. He ain’t beatin on you. So what’s the problem? Benetha marry him”

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