Average?? Over the past few months i have been casually dating this guy. Everything was going great until he dropped the bomb last night over the phone. He tells me that he wants to be average…..
I’m so confused, I honestly don’t know what to think! Average? SO I asked him what he meant by average, he simply replied i want to have an average family with an average lifestlye, and an average salary. I’m not sure how to deal with this. He isn’t your average person because he comes from a family of mover and shakers that expect him to follow their footsteps. Me I come from a family of well..”average people”, but all of which have strived to be the best that they can be. This guy deliberately tries to down play himself by slacking off in many aspects of life. Maybe im just being picky but I just don’t feel its normal for someone to strive for an average lifestyle. Perhaps he is breaking under the pressure of his family. Is it just me or does he really have a problem? What could be his problem?Better question..what can i say to him to make him change and want more than average?

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3 Responses to AVERAGE???

  1. Michelle Brown says:

    Not really knowning the guy, I can only speculate. However, maybe it isn’t so much that he wants less than the best, but simply a simplified life. I used to live a very active, moving and shaking lifestyle…now I am the average mom, doing average things…and I couldn’t feel more successful. (Again, not really knowing the situation, this is all just speculation.)

    • savvy4u says:

      Hmmm perhaps your right. Its easier for me to understand the idea of him wanting a simpler life. I just don’t want him to strive to be a bum or being happy with living paycheck to paycheck. Not that living paycheck to paycheck is a horrible lifestyle its just nice to have extra in the bank. This type of lyfestyle would be miles away from the way his family lives.Well lets just hope your right. 🙂 maybe ill get the courage to talk to him about it. Thanks for the feed back Michelle!

  2. Michelle Brown says:

    Like I said, this is all just speculation and I am trying to paint a rosey picture. Living paycheck to paycheck is not something to strive for, your right. Hopefully average-simple, not average=let me bum off of you. Good luck!

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