The Red Flag

I know alot of women that have had relationships that have ended on a bad note.When they call me in the middle of the night or during my lunch they tell me their sob story, and sometimes im shocked but not surprised. Im never surprised to here about their breakups,this is because of the red flags.I like to call them red flags because they are clear indicators. I see the red flags in their relationship even when they dont. Some women are able to detect them and others are not. The red flags in a relationship are warnings,or stop signs.They basically foreshadow your relationship.

My friend, ill call her Jazz, she is a very classy girl, very smart, and unpredictable. She met a guy eight years ago. He was sweet, kind, and good looking( to her). They decided to get married a year and four months after they met. The day of their wedding, the husband to be, realizes that Jazz forgot to invite one of his friends. He walked up to her and cusses her out and threatens to hurt her.This is the red flag. Jazz convinced herself that it was just a one time thing. He promised her it would never happen again. So she married him that same day. Her marriage ended two years ago, because Jazzs husband would not stop beating her. This is one example of a woman that could not manage to see the red flag. She was definately given a warning the day of her wedding ,why couldnt she see it?There is always a red flag that signals you to either seek help, or leave before somthing happens that leads to a tragic breakup. Maybe some women are blinded by love,or maybe they are in a state of denial.I’ve missed a couple of red flags myself leading to the downfall of my relationship, so I know that any woman is capable of doing it.

Can you all remember incidents in your past relationships that may have been red flags? How do you know whether to take the flag as a signal to leave, or take it as a warning, and is it ever ok to just forget about them and let it slide??

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